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The New Wave
of Fitness Is Here

Discover NeuroFit, a collection of VR minigames that challenge logical, memory, & numerical skills while keeping the player physically active. Check out our Trailer:


NeuroFit, the fusion between mental exercises & physical activity

With NeuroFit Fusion, you can get your exercise in while keeping your mind sharp, all while having fun. For kids, it can serve as a fun way to get some exercise while also developing skills such as simple addition and memory. For adults, it can serve as a way to maintain your physical and cognitive health. For elderly, it can serve as a way to stay in shape while helping ward off cognitive decline.

Want to see how much exercise you are getting? If you are playing on a Quest, our app works with Meta Quest Move, which can tell you how many calories you have burnt.

We are excited to present NeuroFit Fusion to enhance comprehensive fitness for all ages, and we truly appreciate any ideas/feedback our community has. If you have some minigame ideas you want to build, contact us to get started as a community developer, and we can work together to publish your game on our platform. If you have any questions/comments on our current game, feel free to reach out as well. We are also looking into a sliding block puzzle editor, math equation editor, and a stage editor!


Captivating Minigames, 

Comprehensive Fitness

Each of our minigames feature random initialization and two difficulties: normal mode and challenge mode, making the games fun to replay!

We also offer a Time Trial Mode, where you play all of the minigames in either difficulty, as well as Double Trouble Mode, where you play all of the minigames in normal mode, and then in challenge mode. We also have a leaderboard system, so you can track your progress as you improve!


Physical   |

Jumping, Crouching, Lunging

Mental     |

Spatial Puzzle Skillls

This sliding block minigame challenges your puzzle-solving skills by having you navigate a block through a maze, with the block sliding all the way in the direction that you move. Jump to have it move up, crouch to have it move down, and lunge towards the directional arrows to make the block move in those directions!

Jump & Crouch Accessibility controls make it so that you can raise and lower your hand to move the block up or down, respectively, instead of jumping or crouching.

In normal mode, you have to solve two puzzles. However, in challenge mode, you have to solve four in total!


Physical   |


Mental     |


This memory minigame challenges your recall ability, as it lists off shapes that you have to punch in the correct order.


While we use color as a helpful cue to remember which one to hit, the game can be played completely without relying on any of the colors, due to the different shapes of each command.


In normal mode, you have to enter in one shape at a time. However, in challenge mode, you are given two shapes at once, where you have to punch the left command with your left hand, and you have to punch the right command with your right hand!


Physical   |

Jumping, Crouching

Mental     |


Our Math minigame challenges your arithmetic skills, as you are given additional problems, where you have to punch the block that has the right answer.


The Jump and Crouch Accessibility controls move the highest and lowest blocks in reach so you no longer need to jump or crouch.


In normal mode, the blocks are stationary, and the arithmetic stays fairly basic. However, in challenge mode, the blocks spin around, and the answers can reach up to 99!

Check out a playthrough of our 'Double Trouble' mode, where you are timed as you complete each minigame in normal mode, and then in challenge mode. Get a chance to see how each of our minigames work, as well as a look at our UI and leaderboard system!


Physical   |

Punching, Dodging

Mental     |


The bacteria minigame requires you to dodge and fight off evil bacteria, while incorporating strategy to defeat different bacteria species without resorting to the in-game antibiotics.


The Jump and Crouch Accessibility controls spawn attacking bacteria in reach so you no longer need to jump or crouch to punch your way to victory.


In challenge mode, watch out for more bacteria spawns, more antibiotic resistant bacteria, and faster enemies!


Accessibility focused design,
a universally pleasant experience.

Designed with accessibility in mind: Our game is friendly to color-blind players, and has accessibility settings if you have trouble with spinning, jumping, or crouching. That way, people of all ages can play. For example, turning on the Spin Accessibility Controls allows you to use the joystick to spin, while turning on the Jump and Crouch Accessibility moves stuff around and changes the controls so you no longer need to perform such actions.

View a quick video showing our accessibility settings on the left.

Take a look on the right to view our math minigame before & after accessibility settings... all blocks that require reaching high / jumping are lowered to be within reach!

Liquid Bubbles


Pre-Order Now!



For $10.99, get access to all our initial minigames, as well as published minigames built by the community!
Get the ability to develop & publish minigames!
Other in-game purchases include themes packs (such as outer space), skins (different gloves), and games made and sold by the community.



For $19.99, get access to everything in the base game, as well as:
- Our official extension pack, consisting of 3 new levels
- Story Mode (trailer coming soon)!
- Opportunity to beta test certain new releases.


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